A heartfelt “thank you” to the craftsmen, the designers and the dreamers who continue to make our vision a reality.

To Sacha and Universal Design Studio, for breathing life into our space

To Dawn Ng, the tour de force of the local art scene, and key storyteller behind the Odette brand.

To Todd, Suasti, Jovian, Hosanna and Edmond, for capturing our most precious and significant moments in the Odette journey.

To Samuel of In Personam Custom Clothiers for ensuring that our service staff are always dressed to the nines.

For giving us the honour of being the first to bring his handcrafted cutlery & knives into Singapore,
Yves Charles of Perceval Knives in Thiers.

To Montgolfier, Sugahara, Safran, Kevala, Luesma & Vega, Serax and everyone who helped to define Odette's range of chinaware.

For allowing us to debut their pure and eco-friendly water system in Singapore,
Nordaq Fresh.

The oldest linen-maker in France, for dressing our tables with his elegant tablecloths,
Garnier Thiebaut

For thin glass stems that promise a beautiful wine experience,
Lehmann glass

For delivering only the creamiest butter,
Jean-Yves Bordier

For aging his cheeses to perfection,
The Antony family, Eleveur de Fromages

For sharing the same respect for quality artisanal produce,
Patrick Duler of Domaine de Saint-Géry.

To our suppliers here in Singapore who share with us the passion for bringing only the very best to the table.